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This Web site sets out to place a focus on a few of the characteristics of the script which developed in south-eastern Europe 7.000 years ago.

The proto-European script originally appeared in the central Balkan area and had in the past witnessed a form of indigenous development. It quickly spread to the Danube valley, Southern Hungary, Macedonia, Transylvania and Northern Greece. It flourished up to about 5.500 years of the present times (p.t.) when a social upheaval took place: according to some interpretations an invasion of new populations came about, whilst according to others, or a kind of superposition of new elites occurred. In fact, at that time in South Eastern Neolithic and Chalcolithic Europe a specific script appeared and developed which was later on to be lost.

The proto-European writing was not used for the sake of making sums in commercial transactions or for the sake of memorising administrative documents, but in the aim of "communicating with the Gods".

The script has not only been lost twice to us, but what remains of it is unfathomable and doggedly resists the efforts of anyone setting out to decipher it. Nothing is known, in fact, about the existence of such a language of reference. Moreover, it is too ancient for us to hope for a lucky find such as that of a multilingual "Rosetta Stone" which will allow its transposition into a language familiar to us.

Though it is now lost and it is likely that it will never ever be possible for anyone to decipher it, a series of the elements of which it is composed allow us to state that it represent a writing of its own kind used for blessings and invocations, for dedicatory formulas, divination, magical or liturgical formulas (not simple markings): in recording language-related ideas and statements by means of standardised graphic signs.