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 The Inventory of the Danube Script (DS)
Based on sign usage ©
by Shan M. M. Winn
  I. Signs based on "V" DS 1-23  

Signs based on "V" are the most common signs on spindle whorls, figurines and pottery. The V sign may be inverted or appear as multiple V's (chevrons). The V may also be modified by a short line placed either within the V or at the right of the V. The V is also the most frequent sign found in combination with other signs. Dating to the Upper Paleolithic, the V sign generally has a feminine reference. Gimbutas associated the sign with the Bird Goddess.

Core signs

  II. Signs based on "X" DS 24-36  

The "X" sign is frequently associated with V's and is the 2nd most common sign, dating to the Upper Paleolithic. The X is especially found on pottery and is sometimes modified by a short line appended to the end of either of the two crossed lines, at the top or bottom. As with the V sign, a short line may also be placed adjacent to the right side of the X.

Core signs

  III. Combinations of signs (ligatures) with "V" DS 37-50  

Combinations of V with other signs include "X" (DS 37-39, 42) and a deity attribute sign (DS 45-50).
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