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 The Inventory of the Danube Script (DS)
Based on sign usage ©
by Shan M. M. Winn
  IX. Abstract signs (observed in various scripts) DS 125-143  

A number of these signs (DS 138-143) are frequently noted in sign groups. In contrast, a few unique signs (DS 128-131) do not appear in conjunction with any other signs. Signs observed in a wide variety of contexts (on figurines, spindle whorls, pottery, ritual objects, as well as both separately or in groups) include DS 125, 127, 132, 134, 137.

  X. Signs/symbols based on " +" DS 144-151  

This is a category of well-known, distinctive symbols and related whirl patterns.

  XI. Semi-whirl signs/symbols DS 152-157  

These signs primarily resemble a semi-whirl, with arms on both ends but on opposite sides. Whirl signs connote cycles or continuity, and circular motion is often used in divination. DS 154-157 are found at Turdaş only.

  XII. "H" or "Ladder" signs/symbols DS 158-163  

DS 160 appears on a Tartaria tablet and is also known in other scripts.

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