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 Signs on Tartaria Tablets found in the Romanian folkloric art
by Ioana Crişan
The folkloric art is an attribute to the national nobility and an expression of spirituality. It is a bound with Danube land from the beginning of history.
As many cultural treasures ware created in the village world, so are the three tablets of Tartaria, on the river Mures, in the county of Alba (Romania). They bring into light the writing of the Neolithic-Chalcolithic Danube Civilization.
The Tartaria tablets are not only a proof of the oldest utility of writing in South Eastern Europe, but of the first writing of the entire continent. The splendid material and spiritual creations transmitted to us by the people of Neolithic time have a great significance in revealing its peaceful character passed on to generations across the millennia until our time.
The signs of Tartaria were preserved and exist in a wide range of objects in the folkloric art. In the Romanian region of Reghin-Mures they can be seen in tapestries, kindling items, embroidery, fabrics, sculpture, paintings and ceramics.
The beautiful collection of my mother gathers approximately 300 of such objects. The majority are created by her and I must mention that I have myself a small contribution to their completion.
Through the importance of the message and its intrinsic value, the Romanian folkloric art supports and represents us in the idea of Zalmoxian immortality, which is now more actual than ever. The symbols of the first beliefs and religions remain evermore eternal, due to the spiritual charge which is carried across the centuries. After 7.000 years these symbols come at the surface proving the existence and the continuity of these religious expressions.

Tablet n. 1
The big rectangle contains mixed pictographic symbols, zoomorphic, isomorphic and primal symbols.

On this tablet are presented: the spiral, the lozenge, the animal head and the tree.

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Tablet n. 2
In the centre there is a cross which divides the carpet in four quadrants which in this article are numbered with letters a, b, c, d, also in the positive sense, from right to left.

Here can be seen primal elements - on the upper side there is the sky and on the lower side there is the underground life.

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Tablet n. 3
The tablet contains only zoomorphic and phitomorphic representations.

On the tablet there is the tree, the goat and a third symbol which seems to be the root of a tree.

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