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 Signs on Tartaria Tablets found in the Romanian folkloric art
by Ioana Crişan
     Tablet n.2: Quadrant b D

The signs on the quadrant "b" are the "D" and the cross with multiple arms.

I made the symbols by sewing them for a more true representation.

The symbol "D" comes from "Dumnezeu" (God).
I found this letter on the "Pristolnic" which I received from my great-grandmother. The "Pristolnic is made by wood in a square shape with the side long of 3,5 cm and is over 300 years old. It is used for marking a shape on the bread which is used in the liturgy, in the Romanian Orthodox and Greek-Catholic rituals. The "Pristolnic" can by also made by stone.
In the centre of the "Pristolnic" there is a cross with equal arms which divides it in four quadrants, in the same way is as the tablet of Tartaria. In each quadrant there are two symbols. The part with the symbols looks in this way:


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