The Global Prehistory Consortium at EURO INNOVANET
 Signs on Tartaria Tablets found in the Romanian folkloric art
by Ioana Crişan
     Tablet n.1 LOZENGE

As a archetype symbol, as it was unchangeable from the sacred compositions, taking diverse looks: the circumscribed lozenge, the column of lozenges or marking the face of the man from the oldest times.

Carpet with circumscribed lozenges.
(Small lozenges form the big lozenge)

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National costume sewed with intercalated lozenges, at the neck with small rhombus.
(Belt weaved with lozenge and angle)

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The blouse, weaved, the column of lozenges on the sleeves.
(The "X" on the lower part)

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Towel sowed with cuts specific Reghin region.
(Angle, spiral, the "X")

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Towel sowed with black on the string.
(Cross, angle)

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Tablet with lozenges on the border - more than 200 hundred years old.
(In the lace there is the "X" in the flowers and tree)

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Embroidery sowed in "chelim" on a dark maroon base.
(Spiral, angle, circle, the "X")

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National man's shirt with a lozenge formed by other small lozenge, placed in the centre of the big lozenge.
(The "X", angle, cross, short parallel lines)

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Black purse sowed with bids and mirrors.
(Angle, circle, spiral, lines)

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