The Global Prehistory Consortium at EURO INNOVANET
 Signs on Tartaria Tablets found in the Romanian folkloric art
by Ioana Crişan
     Tablet n.3 TREE

I sewed the tree in black little crosses following the model from the tablet. Here there is the embroidery with the tree on the margin and the cross in the middle.


The tree from the goblin.
(Cross with two lateral arms at the windows and short parallel lines in the fence of the little house)

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The tree from the square wall carpet.
(Cross with equal arms, the "E" and the "X")

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The tree on the margins of the porcelain tablets and on the ceramic cups.
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The stylized tree on the carpet for the armchair.
(Angle, triangle, the angular spiral)

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The tree on the amphora and the bird.

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