The Global Prehistory Consortium at EURO INNOVANET
 Signs on Tartaria Tablets found in the Romanian folkloric art
by Ioana Crişan
     Tablet n.2: Quadrant d ARCH AND ARROW

Quadrant d has the arch and the arrow and the cross with two parallel arms (the cross was presented in quadrant "b" and the angle symbols ware presented in quadrant "a").

The brown arch is placed on the margin of the vertical drape on black foundation. The arrow in the shape of the cross and also the arch in the pink flowers have in the centre brown arrows (lines), or the arch of blue colour.
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On the blanket there is the arch with white margins (in the arch there are short lines and the letter "H", as on the "Pristolnic"). The arch is also in the bouquet of roses in the centre of the blanket
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Wall carpet weaved with arch and arrow on the margin.
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